Sister Concerns

Explore Our Diverse Ventures: From Architectural Design Excellence and Innovative Concrete Manufacturing to Bespoke Resorts and Hotels. Discover the Collective Brilliance of Our Sister Concerns.

Xint School of Design

Xint School of Design presents a unique opportunity in Interior Design & Architecture training. Based in Kannur, Kerala, we focus on fostering creativity and analytical skills for comprehensive interior solutions.


Al Mariya Interiors

Al Mariya Interiors: A fully equipped interior factory with a passionate team of professional designers, fabricators, and executors. We specialize in transforming designs into reality for homes and workplaces.


Moois Hotels & REsorts Pvt. Ltd

Moois Hotels and Resorts Private Limited is the new venture of Mariya group which was established in the year 1992 in Kannur, Kerala. Whether travelling alone or in a group, make your stay comfortable at Moois Residency.


Mariya Concrete & Landscape Products

Mariya Concrete & Landscape Products is one of the leading cement products manufacturers in Kerala,India. Our products are made from high quality machines.


Mariya Prefab

It is our new venture. More details will publish soon.


Mariya Architectural Design Studio

Mariya Architectural Design Studio is able to provide high quality design solutions with more than hundreds of young and well experienced employees functioning as Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers and Landscape designers etc